[July 2023] Our work on assessing racial and gender bias in GPT-4 for medical applications was featured in Stat News. Our work on few shot diagnosis of rare disease patients received a Best Oral Presentation Award at ISMB.

[June 2023] Our paper Do we still need clinical language models? received a Best Paper Award at CHIL 2023.

[April 2023] I was awarded a grant from Microsoft’s Accelerate Foundation Models Research Initiative to study the use of LLMs for clinical summarization.

[August 2022] I started a postdoctoral fellowship at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School with David Bates.

[June 2022] I successfully defended my thesis on Few Shot Learning for Rare Disease Diagnosis. My thesis committee included Zak Kohane, Pete Szolovits, and Marinka Zitnik.